Create a beautiful wood look with tile. Affordable and easy to clean and maintain.

Wood FloorWood or plush carpeting or marble or ceramic tile? New flooring is a great way to give your home that sought-after facelift. Talk to Cay Construction about your flooring desires or dreams, and we’ll assist you in bring them to reality.

New flooring can do wonders to change the mood of any home and lift the spirits of its residents. Maybe it’s time for new carpeting, or a more radical change – replacing carpet with a wood floor or ceramic tile floor. Well-known brands like; Shaw, Mohawk, Karistan, DalTile, Pergo, Formica or Bruce Hardwood are just a few of the resources available to find you the perfect new flooring for your home. The team at Cay Construction are experts in assisting you with a new flooring plan. Their many years of experience will save you future headaches. They understand the processes involved and will help you think through things like flooring breaks (where does one surface begin and the next one end), which surfaces are more pet-friendly than others and how the additional thickness of using marble will require doors to be shaved down and cabinet an appliance heights to be addressed. Quality renovations are completed by understanding details like these that make the process of renovating your flooring a joy rather than a never-ending series of challenges.

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